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Video Description: Sara Luvv is busy studying for a big test coming up when her girlfriend, Staci Silverstone texts her playfully to come over, she's bored and in need of some loving. When Sara turns her down, Staci decides to get creative to get what she wants, slowly stripping down, teasing her with some sexting and super sexy pics. Staci's slim young body, her long smooth legs, tiny teen breasts, and shaved pussy turn out to be more than Sara can handle.

Getting her favorite toy from the cabinet, Sara decides to take a break from her studies, slipping out of her clothes, you can see Sara is ready by the growing wet spot on her cute little panties. Laying down on the rug, Sara runs her hands over her body, her brown and beautiful nipples, her flat stomach, and over her succulent shaved pussy. Reaching behind her she slips one... two... three fingers into her wet little hole. God, she wishes it was Staci's fingers instead.

Soon she's had enough of her fingers, climbing up into the big pink chair, Sara takes her toy and begins to really fuck herself good, using the big round head to push up and into her gspot. With the toy deep inside her and her fingers taking control of her clit, soon Sara is moaning and cumming uncontrollably, all with thoughts of Staci's dirty pictures in her head. Once she's licked her dildo clean, she takes a picture of her still dripping pussy and sends it to her girlfriend.

Staci just can't stand it anymore and texts back 'I'll be right over.' With a satisfied smile, Sara walks back into the other room, eagerly awaiting her girlfriends arrival. What a fun little teen lesbian couple.

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