Pajama Party

A Young Porn Fantasy Starring Angel, Janine, Kaitlyn
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Some dialogue would have been nice, as it always gives a more natural feel to the scene - even if we can't understand what they are saying! Maybe you could add English subtitles?
2014-04-13 16:17
agreed 100%
2014-11-01 17:48
On the whole this is good. I really like the full-length overview shots where the camera is held above the girls so we can see the whole girl. By contrast when the camera is held low (usually in order to give us a boring vagina close-up) the picture is awful and mainly out-of-focus. Also the "daisy- chain" positioning of the girls doesn't work for me - it looks unnatural and contrived. It's much more erotic to have two of the girls kissing while the other girl fingers/tongues one of them to orgasm.
2014-04-13 16:09
the girls are great, very cute. Love threesomes, but the sex is lacking. Could have been soooo much better with more earnest licking and fingering. Missed the mark
2014-03-03 08:18
this is very beautiful but the performance is a bit lacking. they don't eat pussy very well.
2014-01-24 14:57
is wonder bouquet we liking ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ :}♥{:is beauty blossom :}♥{: blossom :}♥{: blossom :}♥{:
2014-01-10 20:06
say what???????
2017-04-09 19:40
Beautiful girls. love threesomes
2014-01-08 21:53
Hi everyone - this is one of the first threesome scenes we've shot for Webyoung and, while we are really happy with how it came out, we'd love to hear your comments and feedback! Thanks - Bree, WY
2014-01-08 13:08
A very beautiful and well thought out scene. Your choice of girls was amazing they are all stunning, and the premise is excellent too. I didn't feel any of the positions or actions were contrived as in some other videos, ...BUT my biggest complaint with this scene is it looked like a bunch of super reluctant, straight girls getting paid to do lesbian porn. Their beauty couldn't make up for the all the weak half hearted pussy licking. Th moaning associated with the weak half hearted licking wasn't realistic and hard to buy in context, it made it seem like bad acting. The three-way masturbation session at the end was a good idea, but again all three were acting like they were having orgasms when clearly there is barely any rubbing going on and even none at one point. I find it unlikely all three would get off simultaneously, but if that is the fantasy we are creating the action has to back up the acting. Angel at one point quit rubbing and wasn't even touching Kaitlyn's pussy, but she was acting as if she was really getting worked over, which she wasn't. I'll give you an A for the overall idea and filmography, but you need to cast girls who really enjoy sex with girls if you want to make a scene like this really shine. As it is it looks like bad fake lesbian porn.
2014-08-01 19:31
I agree with this comment if the girls aren't going to properly make out or have real sex with one another don't cast them just because there gorgeous. Yes gorgeous girls are one of the reasons we all come here but so is real high quality teen lesbian sex/porn not sleazy mass produced or fake scenes where the girls aren't even into it.
2014-08-09 06:09
Hot, smoking hot
2014-01-08 12:57
*So* looking forward to this one. Too bad it's several weeks away!
2013-12-18 16:29
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