Lazy Day

A Young Porn Fantasy Starring Zoey Foxx
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Once again you ruin the crucial orgasm shot by cutting from a lovely full-length view of the girl (which allows us to see the WHOLE GIRL) to a boring, totally unnecessary close-up of her vagina. WHY?
2014-05-27 15:55
EXCELLENT...VERY SEXY AND SENSUAL> KEEP DOING THEM LIKE THAT...great camera put 98% of the sites behind you. With their loud noises, lizard kissing and ultra close ups...they are major distractions to getting into the sex. My girl friend loved the sensual nature of the material.
2014-04-04 06:48
sexy nigga oh ya work that
2013-12-19 05:14
2013-11-25 11:00
Loved this one. Very hot and very believable. Orgasm felt natural and not faked or forced. A ending that does not look genuine ruins the whole vid for me.
2013-10-20 22:20
hi members :-) this is Alan. i'd love to get your feedback on this scene to see what you liked and dis-liked about it so i can incorporate your feedback into future films... - Stills By Alan
2013-09-15 05:50
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